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Do ONE Thing, But Do It RIGHT!*

You don’t have to live in Switzerland to use our hosting!
That is what we want to do for you – give you good, solid, full-service website hosting for your website at a reasonable price with no special extra added attractions, add-ons, or up-sells. This is the basis for the operation of your WordPress (or other) website. The only thing we do that is special, is that we cut the price of your hosting by over 16% if you pay for one year up front. From $60 paid in monthly shots of $5 each, to $50 paid one time at the start of the annual subscription.

No extras for this or that. No price increases ($US 5.00 or CHF 4.95 or € 4.50 every month, year in, year out). We may have to increase the price at some point because of increased expenses, but that hasn’t happened yet! We will not even offer you a domain name for free – but we will help you find one at the best price – long term or short, and if you stay in this business, that will save you money in the long run. If you are looking for a domain name, we are NOT registrars, but we have enough experience to help you get a domain name from a responsible organisation at about the lowest price around (not just for the first year, either!).

And talking about doing it right. Here’s how we do that:

The Basics: We resell website hosting from HostGator®, one of the 5 largest (and we think the most reputable) of all web hosting companies world-wide, located in Houston, Texas, USA. If you click on the link to Host Gator and subsequently purchase any hosting or related product or service from Host Gator, we will NOT receive a commission on an affiliate basis. If you are involved in or at least are familiar with the practice of affiliate marketing, you understand that we could receive an affiliate commission for this, subject to certain terms of the affiliate marketing agreement between Host Gator and us, but we have chosen not to do this. If you choose this route (straight to HostGator), you are responsible for all your maintenance and keeping up to date with what all is going on in your website. When you choose to go via Basic Swiss Hosting, we will take care of all that for you, and you talk to us directly here in beautiful downtown Auw (if you know Switzerland, that’s in the Freiamt in southern Canton Aargau, about 15km from Zug). We prefer to do the latter for you, because we are service-oriented and also because we think you will get a better financial deal from us.

The Technical Stuff: The technical stuff is designed to make your life easy. We use an up-to-date c-Panel configuration that gives you control over all the important stuff – like email accounts and sub-domains and add-on domains and file managers (down to the root-file level) and FTP access and MyQSL database access and control and quick install scripts like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and many others for BB and other uses. When it comes to WordPress, we can probably give you more assistance than you will want, but we are not so familiar with most of the other scripts – WordPress fulfills essentially all of our needs.

Your Account: Your account (like each of our other commercial accounts) has “unlimited” website space (storage on the server harddisks), “unlimited” broadband (as much traffic as you can stand), “unlimited” email accounts, parking for inactive domain names, numerous add-on websites, and a complete cPanel setup with (almost) one-click installation of WordPress. The term “unlimited” in this use means that, in the normal course of your activities in a WordPress operation, you should not reach any limitations to your activities. If you are involved in something that is unusual for WordPress, that might not be the case, and we may have to discuss to which limits you would be subjected.

You don’t have to live in Switzerland to use our hosting.
Sign Up Now: If you have not already signed up, please use the form below to do that – we will accept the first 20 18 17 applications, because that is all we have room for. If you are the last number plus one, I apologize, but we will hold your application for 2 or 3 days to make sure that no one backs out for some reason (you are then our number 1 on the waiting list). But if no one backs out, we will let you know soon enough that you can find some other hosting.

Freebies For Everyone: As part of our WordPress Help website at, we will provide you with tips and other information on how to keep your website healthy and safe and SEO-worthy. This information is not limited to the people subscribing to web hosting on Basic Swiss Hosting or clients on, it is open to everybody who finds it.

Another Plus Point: We have our WordPress Help site at If you are building or running a WordPress website and run into some problems, we can most likely help you out. The reason behind that is that we have roughly 30 active WordPress sites online and about ten years experience with WordPress. We will also install a new WordPress website for you to your specifications for a very reasonable price. We tend to over-deliver and undercharge!


P.S. * – sorry about the poor English in the title, but this is an accepted quotation. The problem is that no one is quite sure from whom it came! What I first remember comes from an early U.S. hamburger chain television ad, when the opposition introduced (I think it was) breakfast in addition to the normal hamburger fare.


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